Japanese Designers Create Nameless Paints To Change The Way Kids Learn Colors

Ima Moteki, a design duo in Japan, has just created a set of Nameless Paints that aim to completely change the way children learn and think about color. Instead of using color names, each white tube of paint is labelled with an “equation” showing which CMYK colors, and in what proportions, were used to make the color inside.

The “Nameless Paint” designers, Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki, believe that color labels are problematic. “By not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” said Imai.

In addition to rejecting labels, the paints also teach color theory. The equations on the paint tubes help children understand some of the basic concepts behind color theory and how to mix and create new colors.



Analog Anatomy



Page 1: Hands

Hands Closeup

Page 1 Fold-out

Hand 2 Closeup

Fingerprint Closeup

Page 2 & 3: Skulls

Skull 1 Closeup

Skull 2 Closeup

Page 2 & 3 Fold-out

Spine Closeup

Page 4 & 5: Inner Ear

Page 4 & 5 Fold-out

Heart Closeup

Page 6 & 7

Cameraman Closeup

Page 8 & 9: Eyes

Page 10 & 11: Bones

Page 10 & 11 Fold-out

Ribs Closeup

Page 12: Foot

Foot Closeup

Page 12 Fold-out



This is a booklet I made a while ago as a way to put together a series of these half mechanical anatomy drawings. It is made from a thick weight paper that was torn to fit the sizes I needed. I bound it with binding thread. All drawings are done in ink using Micron pens. The book is about 5″x8″.



Ink Sketchbook

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This is one of my sketchbooks. All of my doodles were done in micron pens and ink. All of the ink is either dripped on or blown to achieve that effect. The sketchbook itself is only about 3″x5″.

Jellyfish Inkprint


Another inkprint, just used black ink this times. splatters were again created by acetone. It is 10″x15″.

Windblown Tree

Windblown Tree

This is another ink print I did a while back. The tree and the border was painted on an acrylic sheet, while the leaves were splattered on in red. I then roller printed it on an 11.5″x15″ piece of paper.

Whale Ink Print

I'm a whale!

Whale Ink Print

This is an ink print I created a while ago. It is a whale, painted with ink on an acrylic plank and then roller pressed onto a sheet of 10″x15″ paper. Drip texture was made by splattering acetone on the acrylic sheet before printing.