Bird’s Egg Sculpture

Bird's Egg

Sculpture I made in plaster of a bird and a fairly large egg. The wooden base is a nest. I sculpted the forms in pink foam and made a latex mold of them so I could caste it in plaster. It measures about 6″x8″x12″.


Tape-cast Flamingos

Tape-casted Flamingos

These are some sculptural arrangements of 15 tape-casted plastic flamingos. I really like flamingos. The process is very easy and you can replicate almost anything in tape.

Instructions can be found here. You’ll need clear tape, an exacto knive, and an object you want to cast.

Industrial Hive Sculpture

Hive Sculpture


Sculpture created out of different kinds of nuts, bolts and staples. All pieces were adhered together by epoxy. It is about 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide and long.