Zombie Mob 2011

At U of I the dorm that I live in, Allen Hall, has a yearly tradition of Zombie Mob on the Saturday closest to Halloween. These are just some of our antics last night.

My friends preparing for the night.

Tie is surprisingly unscathed

Resident Evil Zombie

I specifically created my friend above’s Resident Evil zombie costume and make-up. The labcoat was the most fun to rip up and paint.

Zombie Mob

The zombie mob shambles across campus and does their version of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller at certain areas. Specifically at the Krannert Performance Art Center, in front of the Alma Mater statue, on Green St., in front of a bar called Kam’s and at the Ikenberry Commons.


Zombies at Krannert





We ran into Team Rocket!


Clown Zombie

Zombies at the Ike


Vriska and Sollux

Homestuck Trolls

I want to take you to a gay bar!

Gay Bar Abe Lincoln

My friends as Sollux and Vriska

My friend and I as Resient Evil Scientists, after T virus and before respectively



Objects Self Portrait

Objects Self Portrait

This is a 4 object self portrait I drew in graphite. The objects represent aspects of me. Drawn on 18″x24″ sized paper.

Jellyfish Inkprint


Another inkprint, just used black ink this times. splatters were again created by acetone. It is 10″x15″.

Happy K

Happy K

This is an Illustrator drawing I did for a typography project. It represents a happy letter K. Drawn completely with the pen tool as a vector image. Printed it is 8″x8″.

Bird’s Egg Sculpture

Bird's Egg

Sculpture I made in plaster of a bird and a fairly large egg. The wooden base is a nest. I sculpted the forms in pink foam and made a latex mold of them so I could caste it in plaster. It measures about 6″x8″x12″.

Tape-cast Flamingos

Tape-casted Flamingos

These are some sculptural arrangements of 15 tape-casted plastic flamingos. I really like flamingos. The process is very easy and you can replicate almost anything in tape.

Instructions can be found here. You’ll need clear tape, an exacto knive, and an object you want to cast.

Cthulhu Fhtagn


A Cthulhu digital painting I created in Photoshop. It prints out as a huge poster around 24″x36″

Windblown Tree

Windblown Tree

This is another ink print I did a while back. The tree and the border was painted on an acrylic sheet, while the leaves were splattered on in red. I then roller printed it on an 11.5″x15″ piece of paper.

The Big Game

A video I created a while ago about an epic chess game. It was shot with a Canon HD video camera and edited in Final Cut Pro.



Velociraptor Scientist

I decided to procrastinate on my work one day so I made my interpretation of what a velociraptor would look like if he decided to become a scientist. It was for science of course. It was a vector drawing created in Illustrator, I think it should be a poster.