Besides being an ordinary college student, studying my way to be an industrial designer, I am a freelance artist/crafter/designer who loves all sorts of things from reading a good novel to drawing dinosaurs. I dream that one day I will be a toy designer.

You can find my new website at katiekhau.com!

Also here is my portfolio:

I don’t know how else to write about myself so I will just list off things that I think are awesome in alphabetical order:

3D printing, 3Ds, Adventure Time, ART, Big Bang Theory, Big Monster Toys, Bravest Warriors, bubbles, cats, chainmaille, companion cube, crayons, chrysanthemum tea, clouds, CNC, crafting, Cthulhu, cupcakes, cylon toasters, D2M, Denny’s at 2 in the morning, design, dice, dinosaurs, DnD, Doctor Who, drafting, drawing, friends, gasmaks, gears, giraffes, Gravity Tank, Hasbro, ice skating, IDEO, IDSA, Illustrator, industrial design, ink, innovation, inventing, lasers, LEDs, Legos, Mattel, Minecraft, miniatures!, Nerf, ninjas, octopuses, pancakes, Photoshop, piano, pirates, plushies, post-it notes, Pocky, Pokemon, puppies, puzzles, Razer, reading, robots, Robot Chicken, rock climbing, SCIENCE, sketching, skulls, SMBC, squids, Star Trek, Star Wars, swimming, tinkering, TOMY, toys!, Tritton, turtles, velociraptors, videogames, XKCD

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  1. Rebecca St. Amant

     /  April 1, 2014

    Please tell me how to purchase one unit for my personal use. I do not want to purchase a “conventional” washing machine. I do believe there is a market here in the United States for this concept for low income population (which I am a member) and would like to purchase one and use as my method of washing our families clothes. I have a close line in my backyard. I am ready to purchase as soon as I can get the information to do so.

  2. Rebecca St. Amant

     /  April 1, 2014

    Please tell me how to purchase this product for my personal use. I believe that there is a market here in the United States for low income and those that are attempting to follow a greener style of living. I want to test it out for my own use and perhaps market it in the United States as a cheaper, greener method of washing clothes.

    • Hi,

      If you are still looking for information on the GiraDora washing machine you can find updates on the product’s process on there facebook here https://www.facebook.com/GiraDora. They are still in the process of bringing the product to market. I hope this helps.

      – Katie


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