Kangaroo Toy Update

This is an update from an earlier post that showed my plans to build a boxing kangaroo toy. The template was made in Illustrator on a 12″x24″ document (now .pdf). Here is the template with all the parts outlined in case you want to use it:

Kangaroo Template

Here is the final out come after it was built:

Kangaroo Toy

It was laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic and aluminum tubes are holding it together. I also put some rubberbands over the wheels for better traction. I now think I should make a blue one so I’ll have rock’em sock’em kangaroos.


Happy K

Happy K

This is an Illustrator drawing I did for a typography project. It represents a happy letter K. Drawn completely with the pen tool as a vector image. Printed it is 8″x8″.



Velociraptor Scientist

I decided to procrastinate on my work one day so I made my interpretation of what a velociraptor would look like if he decided to become a scientist. It was for science of course. It was a vector drawing created in Illustrator, I think it should be a poster.