Plugg Radio

“Plugg” is a prototype DAB radio designed by Skrekkogle. It  investigates the  physical and metaphorical interaction with electronic devices.

A cork fits nicely into the hole where the radio’s speaker sits beneath. By pushing the cork into this hole, the radio turns off…

…and by removing it, the radio turns itself on again.



Turn Your Desktop Oldschool

Mac OS (Old School), by designer Ben Vessey, is a GUI homage to the original Mac OS. It’s a set of icons and wallpapers–some replicas (like the trash and all the wallpapers), some reimagined anachronisms (like iMovie)–that you can actually download to reskin your copy of OSX to OSLXXXIV.

I was fed up with the current trend of making icons ‘shiny’ and the overuse of shadows and gradients, so I decided to make my own, I set out to create minimalistic, flat colour icons, but then I figured it would be a really interesting project to design modern icons in the style of Mac OS ’84.

–  Vessey

You can download it here for free by ‘paying’ with a tweet or post to facebook


“My Writing Desk” by Inesa Malafej

Her ‘my writing desk’  is a workspace which has been designed to reduce difficulties of working in a mess. I need this desk with the amount of sketches and notes that I have on my desk. I think this desks would be perfect for any designer.

A storage trough is organized around three sides of the table top, where things may be placed off the main writing surface, but still in sight and easily accessible. The desktop can be utilized right up to its edges without worrying that things may fall down, and unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the storage sides. the high edges of the desk isolates within the room in which it stands. The wings are divided for simple construction, leaving a path for the wires. There are two drawers for a laptop and writing equipment. The legs of the table can be twisted off for easier transportation.