Objects Self Portrait

Objects Self Portrait

This is a 4 object self portrait I drew in graphite. The objects represent aspects of me. Drawn on 18″x24″ sized paper.


Skull & Flowers Drawing

Skull with Flowers

A skull and flower arrangement still life drawing. Done in graphite on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.

Theatre Drawing Series

Theater Self Portrait

Lighting Board


Lighting Rig

Stage manager's desk

Stage Right


This drawing series is sort of a location self portrait since I used to do technical theatre. Some are done in graphite, and some in charcoal. The self portrait is 8″x12″ and the rest are 8.5″x11″.

White Object Still-life


White Object Still-life

Still life of a white object, with a large shadow. Done in graphite on an 18″x24″ piece of paper.