Massimo Vignelli Makes Books

The grid is the underwear of the book.

– Massimo Vignelli



Pterodactyl Pool Ride-On Concept

This is my own pool ride-on concept for a design challenge. The purpose was to create a cute and fun pool ride-on that was a Pterodactyl.

Bestways Artboard


Bestways Artboard2



Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

My industrial design professor actually suggested this TED Talk to me when I asked him how should I write for a design pitch that I am creating. This actually surprised me in how much it has changed how I think about communicating and I just wanted to share.


ES 01 Cord Hub

A consequence of our technology-rich lives is that all of our gadgets, devices and phones come with their own power cables. This often means we have a tangle of cables around our power sockets that we either just leave on the floor or try hide behind or underneath furniture. However, Punkt’s ES 01 does away with all of this mess by stowing all the power supplies in one elegant solution.

All plugs and power cables are hidden under the sleek rounded lid, which can easily be opened by gently pushing down on the rubber power symbol on top. Underneath, a flexible socket layout offers place for five plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes. The cables come out of one opening, which are further tamed through the use of a versatile rubber C-clip provided.



GIGS.2.GO Disposable USB Flashdrive

As USB drives these days are really cheap so I think that is why Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup have come to the idea of making this GIGS.2.GO, a credit card sized pack of 4 USB drives. Just tear a gig if you need and its recycled paper body makes easy for labeling. Slick and simple to use, this is a perfect gadget at business meetings.


Sticky Storm – Digital Sticky Note

With Sticky Storm, MINIMAL has conceptualized an intuitive productivity app for capturing, organizing, collaborating, and sharing ideas all within the cloud. It allows users to easily cross-pollinate and share content with a team, while tracking the evolution of the idea from beginning to end.

Sticky notes are ubiquitous throughout organizations that create products and services all over the planet. They are consumed in high volume every day for jotting down information, capturing a fleeting idea, creating reminders, as well as for strategic planning. Their immediacy and temporary nature relieves creative block, organizational paralysis and have become an essential tool for brainstorming in every type of business.

Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a corporate innovation team, managing ideas are an essential part of the creative process. In the digital age creative ideas flow at a chaotic pace. Inspirations happen on the go and need to be captured in the moment.  And often our ideas live in more than one place and need to be consolidated effectively.

With Sticky Storm, capturing and sharing ideas has never been easier.

Read more about it here.


Open Your Mind



Spot – Multipurpose Light

Spot is a multipurpose light designed by Gloria Ngiam, Nigel Geh & Guillaume Bloget. It is a light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. Imagine using it as a torch, desk lamp, ambient light, or wall light. Inspired by the functionality and versatility of industrial work lights, this adaptive light looks sexy just any place.

Spot is a design collaboration between the students of National University of Singapore – Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI – Les Ateliers).