Gasmask Series

This is a series of photo manipulations centering around the theme of gasmasks. All ‘actors’ are my friends and the scenes are places I find that are interesting (plane crash, prison, etc…). Photos were taken with a Nikon D60 and then edited in Photoshop. All gasmasks are real, and I did actually force my friends to wear them. I have about 13 gasmask in my personal collection because of this project.


Self Portrait

Self Portrait

This is a self portrait I created in Photoshop of what it feels like in my brain. It’s a photo manipulation from photographs I had taken. It prints out to be about 18″x24″

Cthulhu Fhtagn


A Cthulhu digital painting I created in Photoshop. It prints out as a huge poster around 24″x36″

Digital Future



These are two photo manipulations done in Photoshop. Series is called Digital Future.

Fire vs Ice

Fire vs Ice

A photo of my friends arm wrestling I manipulated in Photoshop.