Kangaroo Toy Update

This is an update from an earlier post that showed my plans to build a boxing kangaroo toy. The template was made in Illustrator on a 12″x24″ document (now .pdf). Here is the template with all the parts outlined in case you want to use it:

Kangaroo Template

Here is the final out come after it was built:

Kangaroo Toy

It was laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic and aluminum tubes are holding it together. I also put some rubberbands over the wheels for better traction. I now think I should make a blue one so I’ll have rock’em sock’em kangaroos.


Dumb Doodles of the Day 4


LOL Lecture Notes

This is the first of many posts of my lecture notes because I find them to be very amusing. They are similar to the dumb doodles, but surrounded by text.

Intro Notes

Lecture 1 Notes

Lecture 2 Notes

These were the first 2 week’s notes that I had for my general engineering course. I think I’m learning AutoCAD in this class, although clearly I think turtles are much more interesting.

Dumb Doodles of the Day 3


Kangaroo Toy Concept

Perspective Sketches

Orthographic Sketches

Marker Sketch

These are my concept sketches for a kangaroo boxing toy I want to create. The perspective and the orthographic sketches are done on 18″x24″ and the marker is done on 14″x17″. I have almost finished the template and will go to the fabrication lab to go print it out on the laser cutter. I’m hoping to print it out in acrylic and use aluminum tubing to put it together. Wish me luck!

Pen Marker Sketches

Relaxed Pen

4 Color Pen

These are two industrial design marker sketches of pens done with prismacolor markers and micron pens on 14″x17″ marker paper.

Dissection of a Gameboy SP

Gameboy SP

Hard work and 39 parts later…

Wrist Walkie-Talkie Marker Sketch

Wrist Walkie-Talkie

Another ID ┬ámarker sketch on 14″x17″ marker paper using prismacolor markers and micron pens.

Industrial Design Furniture Sketches




Some of my ID marker sketches done on 14″x17″ marker paper.

Industrial Strength Heart

Industrial Heart

A quick marker and pen sketch I did on bristol paper. I used prismacolor markers and micron pens on a 8″x10″ piece of paper.