Pen Marker Sketches

Relaxed Pen

4 Color Pen

These are two industrial design marker sketches of pens done with prismacolor markers and micron pens on 14″x17″ marker paper.


Wrist Walkie-Talkie Marker Sketch

Wrist Walkie-Talkie

Another ID ┬ámarker sketch on 14″x17″ marker paper using prismacolor markers and micron pens.

Industrial Strength Heart

Industrial Heart

A quick marker and pen sketch I did on bristol paper. I used prismacolor markers and micron pens on a 8″x10″ piece of paper.

Analog Anatomy



Page 1: Hands

Hands Closeup

Page 1 Fold-out

Hand 2 Closeup

Fingerprint Closeup

Page 2 & 3: Skulls

Skull 1 Closeup

Skull 2 Closeup

Page 2 & 3 Fold-out

Spine Closeup

Page 4 & 5: Inner Ear

Page 4 & 5 Fold-out

Heart Closeup

Page 6 & 7

Cameraman Closeup

Page 8 & 9: Eyes

Page 10 & 11: Bones

Page 10 & 11 Fold-out

Ribs Closeup

Page 12: Foot

Foot Closeup

Page 12 Fold-out



This is a booklet I made a while ago as a way to put together a series of these half mechanical anatomy drawings. It is made from a thick weight paper that was torn to fit the sizes I needed. I bound it with binding thread. All drawings are done in ink using Micron pens. The book is about 5″x8″.



Ink Sketchbook

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This is one of my sketchbooks. All of my doodles were done in micron pens and ink. All of the ink is either dripped on or blown to achieve that effect. The sketchbook itself is only about 3″x5″.