Sticky Storm – Digital Sticky Note

With Sticky Storm, MINIMAL has conceptualized an intuitive productivity app for capturing, organizing, collaborating, and sharing ideas all within the cloud. It allows users to easily cross-pollinate and share content with a team, while tracking the evolution of the idea from beginning to end.

Sticky notes are ubiquitous throughout organizations that create products and services all over the planet. They are consumed in high volume every day for jotting down information, capturing a fleeting idea, creating reminders, as well as for strategic planning. Their immediacy and temporary nature relieves creative block, organizational paralysis and have become an essential tool for brainstorming in every type of business.

Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or a corporate innovation team, managing ideas are an essential part of the creative process. In the digital age creative ideas flow at a chaotic pace. Inspirations happen on the go and need to be captured in the moment.  And often our ideas live in more than one place and need to be consolidated effectively.

With Sticky Storm, capturing and sharing ideas has never been easier.

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Moleskine Smart Notebook For Evernote Digitizes Handwriting And Sketches

Italian sketchbook manufacturer moleskine has teamed up with application developer evernote to create pocket-sized notebooks capable of transforming text into digital files. Together with an app designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, the program
transforms doodles and writing into a digitized version that becomes searchable and sharable. smart stickers tag specific pages, organizing them into categories for a fast and easy way to track and archive newly created files. The evernote page camera works
by detecting a specially designed dotted pattern on each page, which is optimized to work alongside the mobile software application.


PenMoto – A Necessary Tool For Artists

PenMoto makes switching from drawing on your Wacom to typing on your keyboard totally seamless. Plus, it comes with a nice pen holder. A must-have for digital artists!

PenMoto gets your pen or stylus. It frees your hand to better hold your iPad, and improves the use of nearly any pen or stylus. PenMoto is a magnetic ring that quickly retrieves and stores a pen making it possible to transition from writing to typing with the simple flick of a finger. The self-sizing ring and coupler adapt to nearly any pen or stylus, and is ideal for a Wacom pen.

It features:
-Self-Sizing Rings (no need to measure your finger)
-Adaptive couplers for nearly any Pen or Stylus
-Simplified Pledges
-Stylish, Lighter, and more Comfortable
-Four alternatives for Manufacturing

View the video below from Kickstarter, where PenMoto was funded by 1005 backers:

More videos:



E-book UI That Lets You Flip Pages Like a Real Book

A pretty cool interface that goes just beyond a simple page turning animation. Fairly cool for touch screen tablets like the Ipad but not so much for the Kindle. It lets you ‘thumb’ through your digital book just as you would a physical one, so you can tactilely navigate through an e-book in the same intuitive way we do with paper pages.

So what would a genuinely “intuitive” navigation scheme for e-books look and feel like? Something familiar enough to be easy–which is where a touch of skeuomorphism comes in handy–but “alien” enough to not send us down blind alleys of preconceived notions that no longer apply.