Transform: A Shape Changing Desk

You may have seen videos of this adaptive tech straight out of MIT earlier, showing it manipulating a ball. Check out this video latest video for Transform, utilizing the same tech in an adaptive shape changing desk.

‘I think there’s a lot of space for designers to expand beyond the producer/client model and become knowledge makers, cultural disruptors and gatekeepers between pure economic gain and the well-being of humanity,’

says graduate student and researcher at MIT Media Lab Viirj Kan.

Taking the idea behind inFORM one step further, the MIT team has created a responsive table containing three highly inventive dynamic shape displays.  The arrangement consists of more than a thousand mobile pins that are sensitive to changes in kinetic energy of the surroundings.




A Chair That Helps You Concentrate

The Filo Chair, named for the paper-thin Greek pastry, automatically adjusts to the micro-movements of the person seated.

Ever been stuck in a long meeting in a weird office chair? It only takes one bad experience with an uncomfortable, noisy (but so stylish!) seat to understand why ergonomic design is so important in the workplace.

Austrian design office EOOS was commissioned to rethink conference room furniture a few years ago. Aware of how distracting poorly designed chairs and tables can be during a tense meeting, the designers set out to create an unassuming furniture line that would fade into the background of a discussion, rather than distract from it. The 18-year-old firm holds patents on everything from the tab on Red Bull cans to the curve of Alessi wine glasses, and wanted to apply similarly detail-oriented design thinking to the office environment.


DIY Closet From Folding Chairs

This is an incredibly clever concept by Yi Cong Lu. These chairs are a simple wooden folding variety and are not permanently affixed to the wall. Yet when opened they stabilize, hold boxes of loose articles and are the perfect width from the wall to hang even the most bulky of garments.

Original article from core77, Re-Thinking Furniture: Innovative Design Explorations by Yi Cong Lu is a pretty good read as well and has a lot of other clever furniture designs.

Desks For Doodlers

If you are anything like me, you’re some one who likes to doodle. You loved to draw on the desks in school or when given crayons at a restaurant you like draw on the placemat. If so then you’ll love these two desk designs.

Above is a desk designed by Miguel Mestre where you can scribble all day long. The desk holds 100x70cm blank paper. No more random post-its everywhere!

However if you cant part from your post-it notes this next desk will definitely be a delight.

Above is the POST-ITable by Soup Design

As an industrial design student, I’m always scrambling around for paper to scrawl my notes, ideas or sketches down. I find that these tables solve that problem and keep my train of thought flowing without disruption. I like the sound of a uninterrupted ideation process.

Source for first table

Source for POST-ITable

“My Writing Desk” by Inesa Malafej

Her ‘my writing desk’  is a workspace which has been designed to reduce difficulties of working in a mess. I need this desk with the amount of sketches and notes that I have on my desk. I think this desks would be perfect for any designer.

A storage trough is organized around three sides of the table top, where things may be placed off the main writing surface, but still in sight and easily accessible. The desktop can be utilized right up to its edges without worrying that things may fall down, and unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the storage sides. the high edges of the desk isolates within the room in which it stands. The wings are divided for simple construction, leaving a path for the wires. There are two drawers for a laptop and writing equipment. The legs of the table can be twisted off for easier transportation.