Cocoon 1 by Micasa Lab

The Swiss company micasa lab has conceived the ‘cocoon 1’ – a self-sufficient living pod deconstructing the notion of a sanctuary. The design is an outcome of ongoing research by the firm exploring the complex idea of human space and living. defined by a 180 cm diameter translucent shell, the ‘cocoon 1’ challenges the pre-conceived perceptions of a furniture piece, through sectioning the space by various colored modules – the confined area is divided into efficient and functional zones.

Through connecting various modules, the uses of the ‘cocoon 1’ can adapt to differing needs – for example connecting sleeping or storage units. Every ‘cocoon 1′ comes with three basic parts know as the’ foundation 360′ and two ‘pillow 90’ modules recognizable through the vivid coloring. The range of living elements extend beyond the assumed, there are even modules designed enabling basic cooking where batteries are used to operate the stove, wi-fi and the media component of the re-envisioned dwelling.

For outdoor use, specialized attachments can be installed – each one can be bought separately according to a user’s requirements. The kitchen feature comes with a power pack which has enough power for 40 hours of light or 20 hours of light and 30 minutes of cooking and the water extension can be combined with ‘foundation 360’ which has a pipe for outflow.



A Chair That Helps You Concentrate

The Filo Chair, named for the paper-thin Greek pastry, automatically adjusts to the micro-movements of the person seated.

Ever been stuck in a long meeting in a weird office chair? It only takes one bad experience with an uncomfortable, noisy (but so stylish!) seat to understand why ergonomic design is so important in the workplace.

Austrian design office EOOS was commissioned to rethink conference room furniture a few years ago. Aware of how distracting poorly designed chairs and tables can be during a tense meeting, the designers set out to create an unassuming furniture line that would fade into the background of a discussion, rather than distract from it. The 18-year-old firm holds patents on everything from the tab on Red Bull cans to the curve of Alessi wine glasses, and wanted to apply similarly detail-oriented design thinking to the office environment.


DIY Closet From Folding Chairs

This is an incredibly clever concept by Yi Cong Lu. These chairs are a simple wooden folding variety and are not permanently affixed to the wall. Yet when opened they stabilize, hold boxes of loose articles and are the perfect width from the wall to hang even the most bulky of garments.

Original article from core77, Re-Thinking Furniture: Innovative Design Explorations by Yi Cong Lu is a pretty good read as well and has a lot of other clever furniture designs.