Industrial Design in the Modern World

What does industrial design mean in today’s connected world? frog industrial design and mechanical engineering teams discuss the evolving principles at the core of making physical products real and meaningful to people today.



AppSeed – Turn Your Sketches Into Apps

AppSeed lets you take your sketches and make them into functioning prototypes, bridging the gap between pen/paper and digital, through computer vision.   It allows you to sketch your designs as you normally would and then manipulate your sketches directly on your phone. Unlike similiar products, the use of computer vision speeds up the process and understands your sketches. AppSeed can identify an enclosed space in your sketch, allowing you to make it into a button, input text, map, or another UI element. Making your sketch into a functioning prototype running on your phone.

What makes AppSeed so remarkable is that, by and large, the toolkit knows how to interpret the various boxes and buttons a designer might draw into distinct UI elements automatically.

AppSeed finds enclosed spaces such as boxes and decides what to do with them. Once an element is isolated, there is very little that you can’t do with it.

Right now, AppSeed is just a prototype, but the creators, Leon and Goralski are hard at work getting it out of beta and shipping to Kickstarter supporters by January. You can preorder the app now for just $8 here.


Pterodactyl Pool Ride-On Concept

This is my own pool ride-on concept for a design challenge. The purpose was to create a cute and fun pool ride-on that was a Pterodactyl.

Bestways Artboard


Bestways Artboard2



My Own Portfolio

I am a third year Industrial Design student myself and wanted to share my portfolio of my work thus far. I have been trying really recently to apply for internships for summer of 2013. So far I’m still working and reaching for one; hopefully I’ll get one this year. My long term goal would be toy design. It would be a dream! Constructive feedback is completely welcome.

Thank you for reading,

– Katie


How I Feel Designing Late at Night

Source and other cartoons by Tom Preston

IDSA Portfolio Review

This is for all of you Industrial Design students or recent graduates in the Chicagoland area. It is a great way to network and get feedback about your work from real professionals in the area. If you are interested in attending, please reply to and he will reserve a spot for you. Spaces are limited and this is an awesome opportunity. I alas cannot attend because I will be out of town, so I’m sharing this info with as many people I know. Good luck to anyone who attends!

Facebook Event | IDSA Chicago FB Page

Armadillo Water Bottle Marker Sketch

Marker and ink Sketch of a canteen like water bottle inspired by an armadillo. Done on 14″x17″ marker paper.