Amoeba Broach


Rivets Close-up

Tail Close-up

This is a broach I made to look like an amoeba. The back piece is brass with a doily texture that was roller printed on and then sawed out. The body piece is nickel-silver that was sawed out and then drilled for the holes. The holes in the body was then tube riveted and some were raised tube riveted to the back piece. The tail is copper that was hammered for texture and then cut out. Then it had a heat patina put on it and then wire riveted to the back piece. It is slightly large for a broach but still wearable. I have named this amoeba Stanley.


Jellyfish Inkprint


Another inkprint, just used black ink this times. splatters were again created by acetone. It is 10″x15″.

Windblown Tree

Windblown Tree

This is another ink print I did a while back. The tree and the border was painted on an acrylic sheet, while the leaves were splattered on in red. I then roller printed it on an 11.5″x15″ piece of paper.

Whale Ink Print

I'm a whale!

Whale Ink Print

This is an ink print I created a while ago. It is a whale, painted with ink on an acrylic plank and then roller pressed onto a sheet of 10″x15″ paper. Drip texture was made by splattering acetone on the acrylic sheet before printing.