Sapling Aluminum Wallet

I haven’t written about wallets in quite a while, but I always love a simple slim wallet designed with the minimalist in mind. The Sapling Aluminum Series wallet was designed by John McConnell. The slim design of the wallets allow you to carry it in your front pocket which makes your wallet more comfortable and secure.

The wallet features a unibody design machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum which is an RFID blocking material.This means that your cards are more secure against card skimming, an increasingly more common method of card theft. The wallets are anodized to add a look that will hold up over time and will also allow us to add a custom name engraving with a laser engraver.

The design includes an elastic band which allows the wallet to expand to meet your needs, holding 1-8 cards.The height of the card slot is the equivalent to the width of 5 cards but because of the elastic band design, the wallet is capable of holding more and is still fully functional if you decide to add more cards.

The elastic band also stretches lengthwise across the back of the wallet allowing you to store cash or cards on the inside or outside of the wallet, much like a money clip would. The slotted design allows for fast and easy access to all of your cards.The elastic band is also conveniently placed so that the numbers on your card are concealed from view when the wallet is being removed from your pocket.

There are only a couple days left on his Kickstarter here, so support it soon if you’d like a wallet of your own!



Flip Wallet – Acre Supply Co.

Okay so I am a sucker for minimalistic, thin wallets, but you have to admit the Flip Wallet from Acre Supply Co. is an elegant alternative to the ordinary, traditional bulky wallets. It is suitable for everyone from commuting business men and women, to adventure and style lovers.  Made from quality elastic, the Flip Wallet grips your cards, key, notes and more all day long. What makes this wallet unique from a lot of other minimal elastic wallets is that it still opens and flips like traditional fold wallets, which makes so that not all of your cards are bunched together.

Their Kickstarter has gotten lots of support, and you can help out the designer Elizabeth Drew there as well. You can also go here for updates, photos and press releases of the project.

TGT Wallet

I have always been looking for a thin wallet that would fit my small front pocket. I have tried everything from the plastic case wallet to just using money clips but had not found a good solution to keep both my cards and cash organized until I saw the TGT Wallet ($16-$32) is an interesting option for those like me, looking to maintain a front-pocket lifestyle. Available in two models, the TGT 1.0 is a simple band of rare, high-quality elastic in your choice of designs, while the TGT 2.0 adds a pocket made of fine Italian leather, letting you easily keep your cash separate from your cards. Although it’s still going on Kickstarter, they’re still lined up for shipment prior to the holidays.




Simpler Wallet For The Age of Digital Cash

In the growing age of digital currency where our phones are taking over our payments, what becomes of our wallets?  If you look through any man’s pockets, you’re sure to a trifold chunk of leather that’s gone mostly unchanged since the rise of credit cards in the 1950s. Yet as NFC invades our phones to take over the payment industry, we’ll have less and less scraps of plastic to carry around. Will the wallet die? Not quickly. But it will certainly transform.

Astro Studios  spent a year rethinking the next generation of wallet–one that’s beyond the credit card, but still holds an ID, cash, business card, and, sure, any last looming credit cards in your pocket, too. What they came up with is , a multi-tiered wallet hand-stitched from a single piece of leather. It’s thin in the pocket but heirloom-quality in the hand; the vegetable tanned leather options invoke a grandfather-approved design that certainly brings to mind the mantra, “what’s old is new again,” and Astro Studios is the first to admit it.