Moleskine Smart Notebook For Evernote Digitizes Handwriting And Sketches

Italian sketchbook manufacturer moleskine has teamed up with application developer evernote to create pocket-sized notebooks capable of transforming text into digital files. Together with an app designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, the program
transforms doodles and writing into a digitized version that becomes searchable and sharable. smart stickers tag specific pages, organizing them into categories for a fast and easy way to track and archive newly created files. The evernote page camera works
by detecting a specially designed dotted pattern on each page, which is optimized to work alongside the mobile software application.



Dumb Doodles of the Day 5


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Dumb Doodles of the Day 2


Dumb Doodles of the Day


Ink Sketchbook

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This is one of my sketchbooks. All of my doodles were done in micron pens and ink. All of the ink is either dripped on or blown to achieve that effect. The sketchbook itself is only about 3″x5″.