Hole Measuring Tape

The Hole Measuring Tape, designed by Sunghoon Jung is pretty innovative with many facets to it. It allows you to draw straight lines and circles with precision. The Hole Measuring Tape is a 2012 iF Design Talents Award entry. Very cool concept, I wish I had one of these!



Moleskine Smart Notebook For Evernote Digitizes Handwriting And Sketches

Italian sketchbook manufacturer moleskine has teamed up with application developer evernote to create pocket-sized notebooks capable of transforming text into digital files. Together with an app designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, the program
transforms doodles and writing into a digitized version that becomes searchable and sharable. smart stickers tag specific pages, organizing them into categories for a fast and easy way to track and archive newly created files. The evernote page camera works
by detecting a specially designed dotted pattern on each page, which is optimized to work alongside the mobile software application.


Wacom’s Massive, $3,700 Tablet For Designers

Oh what I would give to play with this for a few hours let alone own this whopping 24″ screen bad boy. Alas at a nearly $4,000 price tag I will probably not get that chance unless I miraculously win the lottery.

Last week, Korean graphics tablet maker Wacom announced an addition to their superwide interactive display line, Cintiq, and yep–it’s a doozy. The 24” HD Touch is similar to the version released just a few months ago, with one crucial upgrade: multi-touch controls.

In a press release, the company’s professional products director explains the main advantage of touch–“the ability to manipulate a 3-D model or pan, zoom and rotate an image with one hand while simultaneously sculpting or sketching with the other.” The 24-inch, 1.07 billion color screen is mounted on a rotating stand that swivels easily to move from upright to tabletop, and comes with a newly upgraded battery-less pen. It’s a more immersive drawing experience, which Wacom claims will close the gap between analog and digital creativity.

Besides looking painfully fun to draw with, the Touch provokes some interesting questions regarding graphic software development. Obviously, Adobe, Autodesk, CorelPaint and other software were originally developed for hotkeys and a mouse. Swipes and multi-finger touching will open up a whole new type of control system.

Multi-touch functionality comes at a cost ($3,699) though, so you may be destined to hunch furtively over a 10” Wacom for a few more years. More likely, it’ll be your boss swiveling and swiping to their hearts content, as demonstrated by the distinguished-looking gentleman in the video above. Still, technology trickles down, and it’s exciting to see Wacom venturing into touchable territory.

More information here.


How I Feel Designing Late at Night

Source and other cartoons by Tom Preston

Blind Self-Portrait

While the visitor keeps their eyes shut, a moving platform guides a pen in their hand to draw a self-portrait, using computer vision to track their face and generate a line drawing. The result is a machine-aided drawing, a self-portrait you could never draw.

Here we’re testing an early version that moves about a half or third the speed of the more recent versions.

“Blind Self Portrait” is a collaboration between Matt Mets and Kyle McDonald, installed for the first time at the NYC Resistor interactive show interactiveshow2012.eventbrite.com/?ref=ecount



Nerf Maverick Quick Marker Sketch

Nerf Maverick Quick Marker Sketch

Very quick marker sketch of a Nerf Maverick on 8.5″x11″ paper.

Analog Anatomy



Page 1: Hands

Hands Closeup

Page 1 Fold-out

Hand 2 Closeup

Fingerprint Closeup

Page 2 & 3: Skulls

Skull 1 Closeup

Skull 2 Closeup

Page 2 & 3 Fold-out

Spine Closeup

Page 4 & 5: Inner Ear

Page 4 & 5 Fold-out

Heart Closeup

Page 6 & 7

Cameraman Closeup

Page 8 & 9: Eyes

Page 10 & 11: Bones

Page 10 & 11 Fold-out

Ribs Closeup

Page 12: Foot

Foot Closeup

Page 12 Fold-out



This is a booklet I made a while ago as a way to put together a series of these half mechanical anatomy drawings. It is made from a thick weight paper that was torn to fit the sizes I needed. I bound it with binding thread. All drawings are done in ink using Micron pens. The book is about 5″x8″.



Skull & Flowers Drawing

Skull with Flowers

A skull and flower arrangement still life drawing. Done in graphite on a 18″x24″ sheet of paper.

Theatre Drawing Series

Theater Self Portrait

Lighting Board


Lighting Rig

Stage manager's desk

Stage Right


This drawing series is sort of a location self portrait since I used to do technical theatre. Some are done in graphite, and some in charcoal. The self portrait is 8″x12″ and the rest are 8.5″x11″.

Chainmaille Flower Series

Chainmaille Flower 1

Chainmaille Flower 2

Chainmaille Flower 3

Chainmaille Flower 4

Chainmaille Flower 5

Chainmaille Flower 6

Chainmaille Flower 7

Chainmaille Flower 8

Chainmaille Flower 9

Chainmaille Flower 10

Chainmaille Flower 11

Chainmaille Flower 12

Chainmaille Flower 13

Chainmaille Flower 14

Chainmaille Flower 15

A series of 15 drawings of a chainmaille flower I built. Done in graphite, charcoal, pen, marker, and spray paint on 8.5″x11″

If you’d like to build one of the chainmaille flowers the kit can be found here

Instructions here