Dumb Doodles of the Day 2





Keychain I made out of copper of a tool. First it was sawed out, then acid etched for the design, and then the hole was punched for the keyring. It was finished by putting a black patina on it.

Wooden Toy Truck


Side view

Back view

This is a wooden toy truck I built. As the wheels move when you push it forwards the driver moves up and down. All pieces were cut out of 1/4″ plywood and glued together. Wheels are held together by 3/8″ dowel rods.


Template pieces used below (minus the cam used to pus the person up and down)


Amoeba Broach


Rivets Close-up

Tail Close-up

This is a broach I made to look like an amoeba. The back piece is brass with a doily texture that was roller printed on and then sawed out. The body piece is nickel-silver that was sawed out and then drilled for the holes. The holes in the body was then tube riveted and some were raised tube riveted to the back piece. The tail is copper that was hammered for texture and then cut out. Then it had a heat patina put on it and then wire riveted to the back piece. It is slightly large for a broach but still wearable. I have named this amoeba Stanley.

Gasmask Series

This is a series of photo manipulations centering around the theme of gasmasks. All ‘actors’ are my friends and the scenes are places I find that are interesting (plane crash, prison, etc…). Photos were taken with a Nikon D60 and then edited in Photoshop. All gasmasks are real, and I did actually force my friends to wear them. I have about 13 gasmask in my personal collection because of this project.

Dumb Doodles of the Day


DuVine Space Jersey Video

Here is a video commercial I edited for my friend’s company Space for All

I edited this in Cyberlink PowerDirector 8, the music is from premiumbeat.com and edited in Audacity. It is real high altitude footage from one of their launches.

Space for All is a company that “sends products and experiments to over 100,000 feet, above 99% of the atmosphere on large meteorological balloons” they also photograph them and make video recordings of the flight and then send your products back to you, along with any footage they take for any advertisement/publicity stunt that you would like.

Pacman Golf Hole

For my final project for my industrial design class we were required to work in groups and create a miniature golf hole. We decided to make a Pacman golf hole.

Pacman Sketch

This was our original concept sketch of what we were trying to build for the golf hole.

Final Golf Hole

This is what our final project looks like now. The ball goes up the ramp, if it hits the center ghost it will fall into Pacman’s mouth, if it hits either of the side ghosts it will just fall back down the ramp. The entire thing is made from 1/4″ and 1/2″ plywood. 1/4″ plywood pieces such as Pacman and the ghosts were cut with a laser cutter from the Champaign-Urbana Fab Lab and the 1/2″ plywood such as the ramp was cut with a band saw. Pieces were both spray and hand painted, then assembled with wood glue.

Doll Photo Series

Curious Doll


These are two photographs in this doll series. My friends actually happened to coincidentally dress up on the same day. Also we found a random cabinet in the hall. Taken with a Nikon D60, both are 8″x10″ and 10″x8″ respectively.