GIGS.2.GO Disposable USB Flashdrive

As USB drives these days are really cheap so I think that is why Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup have come to the idea of making this GIGS.2.GO, a credit card sized pack of 4 USB drives. Just tear a gig if you need and its recycled paper body makes easy for labeling. Slick and simple to use, this is a perfect gadget at business meetings.



Epicstoke Wallets – Recycled Billboard Vinyl

Epicstoke wallets are made from recycled billboard vinyl- making each wallet unique, extremely durable, and thin.

There are four different kinds ranging from the Roo which is an easy access water repellent zipper pouch to the Gentleman which is a modern take on a favorite bi-fold design.

Go check them out at their Kickstarter here and support them!

Cool Repurposing


Discarded to Precious – Floppy-disk/Jeans Bag


– Design a product that is only constructed out of discarded materials.

Creative Solution:  Floppy-disk/Jeans bag



How it was made:

I have a tendency to not throw away anything because I always think that “Oh I may need it for a future project or craft.” In this case my mild hoarding came in handy. I looked through a lot of the random materials that I had at hand to see if I could create something new out of any of it. I stuck with using theses three items: floppy disks, an old pair of jeans, and some suspenders.


I first drilled holes into the floppy disks and then looped them together with jump rings until I had a sheet of 1×3 and two sheets of 2×3.


I then cut the jeans right above where it splits into two legs. Then turned them inside out so that the pockets will be on the inside of the bag.

I know they look like short shorts.   

I then sewed a bottom to the jeans.

Then sides and a second bottom layer.

Then sewed on the floppy disk sheets to the front and back. I also added a flap on the top where the 1×3 sheet is sown to. The suspenders are then just attached to both sides of the bag to be the straps



And there you have it a recycled bag made from old floppy-disks, an old pair of jeans and old suspenders.