Analog Anatomy



Page 1: Hands

Hands Closeup

Page 1 Fold-out

Hand 2 Closeup

Fingerprint Closeup

Page 2 & 3: Skulls

Skull 1 Closeup

Skull 2 Closeup

Page 2 & 3 Fold-out

Spine Closeup

Page 4 & 5: Inner Ear

Page 4 & 5 Fold-out

Heart Closeup

Page 6 & 7

Cameraman Closeup

Page 8 & 9: Eyes

Page 10 & 11: Bones

Page 10 & 11 Fold-out

Ribs Closeup

Page 12: Foot

Foot Closeup

Page 12 Fold-out



This is a booklet I made a while ago as a way to put together a series of these half mechanical anatomy drawings. It is made from a thick weight paper that was torn to fit the sizes I needed. I bound it with binding thread. All drawings are done in ink using Micron pens. The book is about 5″x8″.



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