My Own Portfolio

I am a third year Industrial Design student myself and wanted to share my portfolio of my work thus far. I have been trying really recently to apply for internships for summer of 2013. So far I’m still working and reaching for one; hopefully I’ll get one this year. My long term goal would be toy design. It would be a dream! Constructive feedback is completely welcome.

Thank you for reading,

– Katie


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  1. I’m loving the digitized layout of your portfolio! It really shows the transition from initial problem to final solution. Only comment I have is that I think that white background for renders are clearer to understand!

    • Thanks for the feedback! The only reason the backgrounds are not white was that the products were white so it was difficult to see white on white. I really appreciate your view on my portfolio!

      • Hmm, I understand the problems with rendering white products! That’s okay, I like to help fellow designers out! What sort of toys do you want to design in the future?

      • I’m really grateful for feedback, especially from other designers. I love all kinds of toys, specifically ones that spark creativity. I would love to work for LEGO or Big Monster Toys! I feel that those companies really create inventive toys.

      • I agree that working with LEGO would be amazing! They are such a great brand! Good luck in the future.

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