Energy-Producing Workspace BY Eddi Törnberg

The thesis project of Swedish student Eddi Törnberg heads in a direction that should be noted. Unplugged is an office that facilitates producing the energy needed to run all of our office electronics through doing everyday activities

Based on the quote “Human nature is above all things lazy” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Törnberg’s thesis came from the belief that society as a whole lacks “the will, interest and energy to struggle to achieve a sustainable society.” So instead, Törnberg created a way around it by deriving energy from things we already do and, since we spend so much of our time working, it’s kind of brilliant.

In Unplugged, there are three techniques used to produce energy: piezoelectricity from the carpet, the chair utilizing the Seebeck effect, and the flower through photosynthesis.


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