4 Things We Can Learn From Teenagers About Risk-Taking Design

With perfectionism and professionalism instilled in people early in life, how do we ensure that designers of the future enter the profession with the right mindset? Catch them while they’re still young, before they learn many of those inhibiting rules in schools and in the workplace.

1. A Completely Foreign Challenge Makes Everyone Equal

2. Embrace Failure

3. Let Your Guard Down

4. Your Discards Can Be Treasure

I’m more inspired than ever to embrace all of my emotion and experience, put it on the line, and turn it into a masterpiece. Our challenge as adults is to let our guard down, to let go of the controlling habits we’ve built up throughout our lives, and to think like ninth-graders. If we could work with the openness and willingness to take risks, then design would come a hell of a lot easier.

Source ← I encourage everyone to read to full inspiring article by Stuart Karten from Co.Design

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