Desks For Doodlers

If you are anything like me, you’re some one who likes to doodle. You loved to draw on the desks in school or when given crayons at a restaurant you like draw on the placemat. If so then you’ll love these two desk designs.

Above is a desk designed by Miguel Mestre where you can scribble all day long. The desk holds 100x70cm blank paper. No more random post-its everywhere!

However if you cant part from your post-it notes this next desk will definitely be a delight.

Above is the POST-ITable by Soup Design

As an industrial design student, I’m always scrambling around for paper to scrawl my notes, ideas or sketches down. I find that these tables solve that problem and keep my train of thought flowing without disruption. I like the sound of a uninterrupted ideation process.

Source for first table

Source for POST-ITable

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