Milkmaid: The Smart Milk Jug

Introducing the Milkmaid! A project created by the collaboration of Quirky and GE brings a creative and elegant solution to detecting spoiled milk. This design is an hommage to classic milk jugs while bringing the newest technology to solve this simple problem. Milkmaid is a unique home appliance thatnotifies the user via SMS text when its content is low or the milk has gone bad. The jug is embedded with high-tech features such as sensors, GSM radio module, antenna, SIM card and a rechargeable battery. The device will work with an app that connects to the Milkmaid to provide instant stats about the milk, such as temperature, expiration date and how much milk is left. The app can also suggest recipes for regular and spoiled milk, and allow users to re-order milk via online grocery delivery services. Product development company Quirky recently completed the design and engineering phase of the working prototype. If there’s a demand for the product, Milkmaid could be made available for purchase.

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