You Know You Are an Industrial Designer if…

1) You buy something just to take it apart.

2) You spend hours aimlessly wondering around hardware stores just looking at fasteners.

3) The first thing you do when you pick up something you like is say a way it could be better.

4) You compulsively draw things from you imagination to the point where others think it might be a problem.

5) You just know how to fix stuff, hack stuff, and jerry rig things.

6) You can quote just about any line from Star Wars Episodes IV – VI.

7) You know what “Ironman CAD” is.

8) You know at least 3 of the following people or companies: Jonathan Ive, James Dyson, Muji, Raymond Loewy, DWR, Herman Miller, Eames, MacGyver.

9) You own old things that don’t work just because you like them.

10) A conversation with your friends sounds like a Top Gear episode.

This list from the core 77 forums made me smile, it is nice to know that I’m definitely going into the right career for me 🙂
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