Paper Shoe Pt 4 – Finishing it Up

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Our sole search is over! We finally finished weaving together the triangles to make the sole of the shoe.

I swear there are over 1,500 triangles used in these soles.

The fact that there was no glue involved in the sole meant that it can flex freely and the sheer number of triangles meant that one could stand on the sole without just completely crushing the paper.

We couldn’t glue on an inner sole because that would take away from the flexibility so instead we only glue important parts, wich included the heel, toes and inner part of the foot for each sole.

Next we started on the upper part of the shoe which we decided to weave like this.

After a lot of tediousness we finally finished our shoe and got this:

It turned out to be more opened toed than we originally planned because we just couldn’t figure out how to create a paper structure for the top that would aesthetically resemble a running shoe while also giving the user the ability to flex their toes. Overall though our group was pleased with the outcome and it functioned for both walking and running!

Final Shoe Design Board

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