Paper Shoe Pt 2 – Initial Constructing

Part 1

We experimented with a lot of different paper shapes and focused on how to make the paper strong enough to hold up a person.

We tried tubes:

Then honeycomb sheets:


Then folded paper springs:


We tried to combine some of these forms to make a sort of mock up sole to test out:



These forms seemed pretty strong themselves but then it was time to test our sole:

*crunch*  hurrr T.T

Hurrr…even though the structures seemed strong they were no match put up against the full weight of a person. The areas most effected were under the balls of the foot and the heel. The paper spring, although seemed strong, under lots of pressure, flattened and spiraled in on itself. Honeycombs didn’t stand a chance.

Welp, back to the drawing board it is…

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  1. Sam

     /  February 2, 2014

    What would have changed your design and techniques if you weren’t allowed to use glue or tape…?

    • Our final prototype actually did not use tape but did take a lot of glue. Without glue or tape, I definitely would have tried to figure out more origami techniques, attempting to fold more and have less pieces.

  2. My octet fold is strong enough to stand on. Try it out and see if it works for you. 🙂

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